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Vitor Fernandes, widely known as "Spottt," is not only a dedicated surfboard shaper but also a Co-Founder of Surfactory Portugal. His passion for shaping extends beyond his own surfboard brand, as he is the shaper for Xtreme Surfboards and Play Surfboards, both of which he founded. Additionally, Vitor collaborates with other well-known brands such as Nomads, Piccolo Clemente Longboards, Boardwalk, and more.

His commitment to the craft goes beyond individual brands, as he collaborates with some of the world's top shapers, including legends like Gerry Lopez, Rory Russell, Jim Banks, Tom Eberly, Greg Webber, Bufo, John Carper and many other renowed shapers .

Versatile and meticulous, Vitor "Spottt" is dedicated to continuous improvement, producing over 1000 boards annually. His journey into shaping began after a successful career in graphic arts spanning 10 years. Fueled by a passion for surfing, he transitioned into designing and developing board models for personal use.

Recognized for his innovative use of materials and commitment to quality production, Surfactory, under Vitor's guidance, manufactures a wide range of boards. Lightning Bolt's invitation to be an authorized and certified shaper and dealer stands as a pinnacle achievement in Spottt's distinguished career ( His trajectory, from graphic arts to the pinnacle of surfboard shaping, reflects a profound dedication to his craft and an unwavering passion for the world of surfing.




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