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Surfactory was born in Gaia in 2010, moving in 2020 to a new facilities in Ovar, Aveiro district, in the North of Portugal, where it expanded its facilities, creating conditions for a significant increase in production capacity. Dedicated to the manufacture of all types of boards, it is equipped with a CNC machine for pre-shaping, shaping, laminating, sanding and painting rooms. It offers various services such as 3D shape design, pre-shaping blanks on a CNC machine, surfboard repairs, multi-brand manufacturing, custom-made boards for all kinds of and customers, and all other services that are part of the board construction process. It also has the latest 400 m/2 store, Surf&Lifestyle - Concept Store@Surfactory.


Our mission is to produce high quality boards taking into account the best manufacturing techniques and the best materials available on the market.


We produce boards for national and international brands, shapers, surfshops with their own brand or companies that want to produce boards with their brand.




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