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Surfactory was built from scratch, at an initial stage, with the aim of responding to the needs of private brands, but quickly expanded in order to respond to the future and evolution of equipment related to Surfing.

Relying on modern and innovative manufacturing processes, it offers a series of services that are part of the construction process of any type of board.
Using high quality materials and machines, specialized labor, knowledge and professionalism allow Surfactory to guarantee an efficient and high quality service provision with the possibility of total or partial production of boards by external entities, thus avoiding investments in infrastructure -own structures.

Surfboard manufacturing
Based on the best manufacturing methods, high quality materials and professionalism, we produce all types of boards, complying with the manufacturing specifications of each brand or end consumer, guaranteeing all quality standards.

Partial manufacturing of boards
It is possible to use Surfactory's services independently, and it is possible to contract pre-shaping, shaping, laminating, sanding, placing cups for fins and leashes and painting separately.

Surfboard Repairs
As repairs are a current necessity in surfing, Surfactory offers a fast, effective and high-quality repair service for any type of board, regardless of the materials used. It specializes in working with polyester and epoxy resins, PU or EPS blanks, wood, carbon or any other type of material. Repairs are carried out by qualified professionals and premium materials are used to guarantee an effective and permanent solution.

Cutting blanks on a CNC machine
Equipped with the Unoshaper Disk CNC, a modern and extremely precise machine, Surfactory offers the service of cutting blocks for any type of board, using CAD files designed by the Surfactory team or made available by brands or customers.
3D board scanner
With the Surf industry growing and with more and more surfers knowing the type of board they need, comes the need to guarantee the durability of the "magic" board. With this, Surfactory invested in a 3D Scanner coupled to the CNC machine that allows you to replicate any type of board, whether new or used, thus making a digital backup of it so that it can be produced at any time, also serving as a starting point for future boards, and small changes can be made to improve the performance of the board without harming any other aspect of it.

3D design
As an integral step in the process of building a board, the design of a 3D file for cutting on a CNC machine is also a service available at Surfactory, making it possible for any brand or individual to hire it.

Marketing of raw materials
At Surfactory it is possible to obtain all materials related to the construction of surfboards, from blocks, fibers, resins, fin cups and all the inherent materials.

Pick Point (repair collection and delivery points)
The Pick Point Surfactory project is based on the creation of collection points and delivery of surfboards for repair. Initially, this service is available in Matosinhos, at the Fish Surf School, with the aim of being closer to our customers. Collections and deliveries will be made weekly.




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