33" SmoothStar Holy Toledo (Filipe Toledo)

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The 33” Holy Toledo is suited to teenager to adult surfers 5”4’ – 6”0’ (162cm – 183cm) in height. The 33” Holy Toledo is the original signature model of World Top 3 surfer Filipe Toledo. The 33” has a shallow concave and is suited to surfers who wish to pump and generate speed on flat sections. The 33” Toledo is also considered the step up board from the 32” Flying Fish, as it shares the same concave profile but more: width, length and wheelbase.

Product Information: The model name “Holy Toledo” was inspired by Felipe’s nickname, due to his radical and progressive surfing style when he was only 16 years of age. Toledo loved the looseness of the 32” Flying Fish, but needed a bit more drive so a design was created extending all the measurements. Toledo later tested a few different setups of width and wheels base distances. The 33” Holy Toledo gives surfers an all round surf performance and especially excels in generation of speed on fla

Who is Filipe Toledo?

Filipe Toledo is one of the best surfers in the world and is predicted to be a future World Champion. Filipe Toledo started riding SmoothStar when he was 17 years of age and is one of the most entertaining competitive surfers in the world. Toleldo is also known to be the best competitive aeriast in the world – making 2 huge airs on the one wave in South Africa – some saying the best competition wave ever ridden.

Filipe Toledo’s Achievements

  • A consistent top five ranked male competitor on the WSL tour.
  • 2018 Champion of: Rio Pro, J-Bay
  • 2017 Champion of: J-Bay, Trestles
  • 2015 Champion of: Gold Coast, Rio Pro, Portug

The design of the deck design features many aspects of Filipe including his green eyes and the Toledo family tattoo. On the deck, it has the Filipe Toledo trademark aerial assault. It is finished in a sandy yellow/blue/grey.

The deck concave and tail is perfect for surf carving the streets. The deck is wider than most other skateboards so it helps your keep your line when you are drawing out your bottom and top turns.

Additional Information

Weight 4.1 kg
Dimensions 84 x 25 x 16 cm
Turning Mechanism

SmoothStar Thruster I (as standard)

Deck Length

33″ Sandy Yellow/Blue/Dark Grey

Deck Thickness

5 x ply Stradified American Bearch + 2 x ply Candian Maple

Deck Width


Wheel Base

(measured from centre of trucks): 54cm


New Purple SmoothStar Stingrays

Wheel Bearings



Polished Aluminium

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