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Surfactory is a factory headquartered in Gaia, dedicated to the manufacture of all kinds of boards. Equipped with CNC machine for pre-shape, shape rooms, glassing, sanding and painting, is well prepared to meet the needs of all costumers. Offers various services such as 3D surfboard design, pre-shape blanks in CNC machine, repairs, multibrand manufacture, custom surfboards and all other services in the surfboards manufacture process.


Our goal is to produce high quality boards taking into account the best manufacturing techniques and the best materials available.


We produce surfboards for national and international brands, shapers, surfshops under its own brand or companies that want to produce boards with own brand.



Surfactory was built from scratch at an early stage, with the aim of meeting the needs of its own brand, but rapidly expanded in order to meet the future and evolution of equipment related to the practice of Surf.
Relying on modern and innovative manufacturing processes, provides a number of services that are part of the process in the construction of any type of board.
Using high quality materials machinery, skilled labor, knowledge and professionalism allow the Surfactory ensure the provision of efficient and high quality services with the possibility of full or partial boards production by external entities, thus avoiding investments in own infrastructure.

Boards manufacture
Based on the best manufacturing methods, high quality materials and professionalism, we produce all kinds of surfboards, compliance with the manufacturing specifications of each brand or user, ensuring all quality standards.
Partial manufacture of boards
It is possible to use the services of Surfactory independently, hiring isolated services of pre-shape, shape, laminating, sanding, applying plugs for fins and leash and painting.
Repairs are being a current need in the practice of Surfing, the Surfactory offers a fast, effective and high quality repair service on any type of board, irrespective of the materials used. Specialized working with polyester and epoxy resins, blanks EPS or PU, wood, carbon, or any other type of material. Repairs are performed by qualified professionals and are used first materials to ensure an effective and permanent solution. Another crucial point is how quickly, and so the  Surfactory estimates an average of five days for the completion of repairs.
Surfboards Scanner 3D
With the Surf Industry to growing and Increasingly surfers to know what kind of board they need, comes the need to ensure the durability of the "magic" board. This is why Surfactory invested in a 3D scanner coupled to the CNC machine that allows replicate any type of board, being new or used, making a digital backup that allow to produced it at any time, while serving also as starting point for future boards that need some minor changes to improve the performance without sacrificing any other aspect of it.
Cutting blanks on CNC machine
Equipped with Unoshaper CNC, a modern and sharp precision machine, the Xtreme Surfdesign of the blank cutting service for any type of board, using CAD files designed by the Surfactory team or provided by brands or clients.
3D design
Being an integral step in the construction process of a board, a 3D design file to the CNC cutting machine is also a service available in Surfactory, making it possible to hire the same by any brand or user.
Marketing materials
In Surfactory is possible to obtain all materials related to the construction of surfboards, from blanks, fibers, resins, plugs for fins and all the related materials.
Pick Point
Pick Point Surfactory project is based on the creation of points of surfboards collection and delivery for repair. Initially, this service will be available at several shops and surf schools in the north of the country in order to be closer to our customers. Collections and deliveries will be made weekly. All repairs made by Surfactory will be delivered to customers with the Surfactory quality seal.
Test n´Buy (Surfboards rental and test drive)
Test n'Buy means that, experiment before you buy. With more than 60 boards available for testing or rental, you can already make the right choice when buying the magic board without making the mistake of spending money on something that is not what you are looking for.


Surfactory is equipped with Unoshaper CNC, a modern machine with great precision, providing all customers the possibility of making pre-shape blanks in PU or EPS up to 10'6 "with or without stringer. There are several possibilities in hiring the pre-shape service. The customer can hire the board design in 3D or provide himself the file, can provide blank or buy it directly at Surfactory, you can get the pre-shape as it exits the CNC machine or can choose to have a final shape done with all the quality and competence by qualified professionals.​



Fiberglass Layer

PU CORE (Polyester)

The Polyester or PU construction uses the traditional materials and lamination techniques to produce a strong and reliable boards with refined finishes. All polyester boards are CNC milled and glassed by hand using quality materials. For years, traditional polyester boards have been at the forefront of performance surfing. These boards feature a progressive flex pattern controlled by a wooden stringer. The polyester construction works in all surf conditions and can be adapted to all types of surfboard models.


The BLACK TECH EPS construction produces a controlled flex pattern, combining the versatility of epoxy materials with the added advantage of reduced weight. All BLACK TECH EPS boards have an EPS core, CNC milling and glassed by hand using BIO epoxy resin, fiberglass and a specialized building process. This construction is characterized by the high ratio between weight and resistance. The BLACK TECH EPS boards are lightweight, with an excellent responsiveness and very sensitive underfoot. These boards are extremely versatile, easy to surf, and can be used in a wide variety of conditions.


The CARBON FLEX construction delivers unparalleled performance, taking advantage of the epoxy's flexibility characteristics and carbon resistance. CARBON FLEX combines a high density EPS core, Biaxial fibers that guarantees extra resistance, BIO epoxy resin and strategically positioned carbon reinforcements. The positioning of theese reinforments allows uniform distribution of tension across the entire surface area of the board to produce an active but controlled flex pattern with remarkable memory properties. CARBON FLEX boards are fast, light and with a high response in all conditions. Created by Surfactory Portugal to complement a number of surfboard models, this construction has proven to have superior flexibility properties over other technologies by up to 20%.


After the Hydroflex success, Rouvens “Bufo” is back with a new Technology that will revolutionize the surf market and Surfactory was the chosen one to be the official manufacturer (www.bufo-tech.com).


Most of the Surfboards on the market are extremely fragile which decreases their lifetime enormously. Spider cracks are well known problem. Boards are loosing flex and performance after a while due to cracks and delamination. Furthermore, the currently used materials are not environmentally friendly.

With HARDCORK construction we are able to solve all of the named problems even enhancing performance and flex.

HARDCORK technology is keeping your board in shape for years, without losing any performance. Beside being more ecological by using Cork, you are getting more positive side effects surfing have not seen. All used materials are state of the art composite materials and 100% waterproof.

Our production is close to ZERO waste.

Fiberglass Layer
Fiberglass Layer
Wooden Stringer
PU Foam
Fiberglass Layer
Fiberglass Layer
EPS Core
Fiberglass Layer
S-Glass Layer
Carbon Patch
EPS Core
Carbon Patch
Biaxial Layer
S-Glass Layer


based on light EPS foam and

by  replacing 30% of epoxy

resin with low density cork

better dampening

great control even in choppy conditions

more flex

cork mixed into epoxy resin producing a familiar PU feel being lighter and stronger



HARDCORK making your board more durable

high crack


ultimate strain is 4 times higher than a normal poly glassing



your blank is 100% protected against lifetime reducing sunlight



In order to manufacture a product with maximum quality and with the level of the international industry, Surfactory uses the best materials on the market, as well as the best machinery to produce boards. With solutions in the best brands of blanks, resins and fibers, the Surfactory excels in choosing products with quality recognized worldwide as regards the surfboards production.​

UnoShaper CNC Machine
Equipped with UnoShaper CNC, the Surfactory is at a high level at the national market, ensuring blank cuts with high precision, ending the shapes at about 90%.
Blanks Arctic Foam / Xtra Foam
Surfactory works with high quality blanks as Arctic Foam and Xtra Foam. Blanks with high strength and available in various densities.
Hexcel is the most selling fiberglass brand and the most reliable in surfboards market, and therefore the Surfactory uses it in the manufacture of boards. 
Carbon Fibers
In contumization and reinforcing boards are used various kinds of carbon with the highest quality to ensure an extra resistance in the production of boards.
Silmar / Sicomin
As well as in fiberglass, the Surfactory also uses top quality resins. The Silmar is a reference in the surfboards industry, its main characteristics is the fact of being clear, stable to UV and very easy to work with, thus ensuring a uniform and durable product. As regards the production of epoxy boards, the Sicomin resin is BIOLOGIC and one of the best solutions on the market and therefore used in Surfactory.
FCS Fins
The worldwide most used fin system. In Surfactory we install with all the accuracy any FCS fin system according to customer or brand requirements.
Future Fins
Similar to the traditional glass on fins, the Futures Fins is a system of top quality and with a wide variety of colors available.



Surfactory uses the best manufacturing techniques and the best materials available to produce high quality boards for local shapers, international shapers or companies that want to produce boards of their own brands. Currently Surfactory manufactures boards for Xtreme Surfdesign and Play Surfboards and is focused and committed to embrace new projects with other national and international brands.

Xtreme Surfdesign
It is a national brand implanted in the market since 2013 dedicated to the marketing of surfboards and accessories. The brand bet on boards ranges from performance to the classic and have the ability to make custom boards as customer's taste. At this point the brand already has a professional team to compete at the national level.​
Play Surfboards
100% Portuguese brand created in order to implement into the market boards of great quality and strength for beginners and intermediate levels of surfers and a wide range of models ready to respond tastes and needs of customers.
Piccolo Clemente
After conquering Peru and Japan, the Piccolo Clemente surfboards arrive in Europe through Surfactory which is the manufacturer and exclusive distributor of the brand. The two-time longboard world champion boards are known for their incredible performance on the tail and at the same time an enormous noseride ability.